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A Pest Free House is a Healthy House

Pest attacks on houses today are a persistently growing problem. What may seem on the outside as a healthy and sturdy house can sometimes be a storehouse of dangerous pests on the inside and pose plenty of problems to residents. ProPest Limited is here to solve such problems. We provide efficient services under strict adherence of international guidelines to eliminate pests and ensure you have a healthy house to live in.

Pest control

General Pest Control

Life would be so much easier if pests didn’t bother us, but life isn’t always fair. You can either sit back and let them take over your home, or we choose to get rid of them entirely. Whether its rats or other rodents, insects, spiders, bed bugs, lizards, bees and wasps, or small animals and birds, we have experts who can handle it for you. Get rid of them and you can eliminate a big chance of your family contracting a disease.

Pest control

Termite Treatment

Termites are considered to have been around since the time of dinosaurs. They are also known as “silent destroyers” because of their ability to chew through wood and flooring. Houses can look deceivingly healthy while being eaten up within the walls. So if you see the presence of mud-like materials that line the galleries in an irregular pattern or a swarm of insects or groups of discarded wings, then you avail our services for a termite specialist.

mosquito fogging and misting

Mosquito Fogging and Misting

Any wet or damp surfaces are ideal for mosquitos to breed. They carry harmful diseases which causes plenty of unwelcome diseases. Mosquitos can also be a nuisance for children who are more prone to diseases than adults are. These troublesome insects are well known to be persistently annoying. We can make sure such problems just stay away from your home. Our trained professionals will make sure that these blood-sucking pests think twice before setting up shop in your house.

Spraying Of Plants

Spraying of Plants

Plants can often be a playground for all sorts of pests. They act as a good source of nutrition for them. This means that, not only is your house under threat from these pests, but even your plants get destroyed. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep plants at home. Don’t let them get in the way of you decorating your house or adding some greenery to it. Just call us and we’ll take care of it. Once we are done with them, they won’t even think about batting an eye at your house.

Dusting Pre And Post Construction Treatment

Dusting Pre and Post Construction Treatment

Insects are a nightmare to households. Whether it is your walls, food, clothes, furniture, electronics, or even you and your family members, nothing is exempted from being attacked by insects. They are an unnecessary headache to have in your house. Even the chance of someone contracting a disease is far higher with the presence of insects in your house. Well, for every solution we have an answer. We provide dusting services under official regulations so that we can prevent such insect attacks.

Your safety is our concern.

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